Hi! I’m Anthea Palmer…the Blonde on Business.

I know that being a Small Business Owner can be tough….and I believe we need motivation to keep us mentally charged and on track, and tips and new information to help stretch our minds and grow our Businesses.

I LOVE Small Business and I want to share my passion. To me it’s a wonderful game that I’m lucky enough to have a stake in.

I’ve been in Small Business for 30 years. I understand the ups and downs!

If you’re already excited about your Small Business….awesome! Let’s feed that feeling. But if you’re doing it tough, either through work load or financial difficulties – then let’s share the load.

If you JOIN me at Blonde on Business, I’ll send you no nonsense Tips and Motivational Talk via one email every Tuesday.

I also provide Training if you’re ready for your Small Business to SMASH IT!

I hope to see you on the other side.

Onward and upward!

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