How to Start a Business with No Experience

Today’s Small Business Question “I have a business idea that I’d like to get off the ground but have no previous experience in business. Where would it be best to go first for advice, planning and development of my idea?” How to Start a Business With No Experience. Watch the […]

Business Start-up with Anthea Palmer

Super Hero versus Super Talk

Super Hero versus Super Talk 3

What impact are News Broadcasts having on our lives? Bad News My partner was a news junkie. Every morning our family would eat breakfast and prepare for the day whilst confronted by the BBC or CNN News broadcast. I’ve never been a fan. It should be called “BBC Bad News,” […]

Big Data and Your Small Business

We know that technology is increasing direct interaction between people and Brands. It’s increasing transparency and removing intermediaries. “Big Data” is escalating this connectivity. But what’s the correlation between Big Data and Your Small Business? Let’s start by defining what the term “Big Data” actually means. It is made up of […]

Big Data and Your Small Business

7 Rules to Max Motivation

7 Rules for Maximum Motivation

Having trouble keeping motivation up? It’s the key to creativity, productivity and staff retention. To follow are 7 Rules for Maximum Motivation, along with some suggestions on how to implement them in your Small Business. Rule # 1. Reward the Go-Getters If you want a great team, it’s essential to […]

Blonde on Business, Anthea Palmer, Work Better Not Less

Work Better, Not Less

So you’re a Small Business Owner….and the “gurus” are telling you to work less. Huh! It might be a theory that sells books, but I don’t believe it’s relevant for Small Business. Watch this video to discover how I learned to Work Better…..Not Less! There’s also a transcription below if […]

Crush the Competition!

I don’t know about you……but I’m very competitive by nature. It is an aspect of my personality that has served me well in the realm of Small Business. If your Small Business is struggling, stuck in a rut, or even pining for growth, I’ve put together a Training Series that will […]

Crush the Competition with Blonde on Business, Anthea Palmer

Blonde on Business, Anthea Palmer, Doing Business in China

Doing Business in China – Early Learnings

My early learnings from doing business in China. I’ve been living in a city called Zhongshan, in the Guangdong Province of China, for 11 months. I came here with the goal of setting up a new Business. I have re-written the business plan three times since arriving on Chinese soil, […]

Seek Criticism Not Praise

Why you should Seek Criticism Not Praise There’s little point in seeking proof that the work you’re doing is satisfactory….by asking people who will tell you what you want to hear. Watch the video below for discussion and a great Small Business Marketing Tip! Partial Transcription It’s easy to receive […]

Blonde on Business, Anthea Palmer

Blonde on Business, Anthea Palmer

Should it be called Marketing 1

Should it be called Marketing? Do you need to be a “people person” to be good at Marketing? Watch the video for discussion and a Small Business Marketing Tip! Should it be called “Marketing?” Have you noticed a move away from conventional role titles? I’ve been working with a business […]